“The event with Rais was wonderful! We had a great turnout and I really felt like he made a big impact on our audience everyone is telling me today how much they took away from the event. In this way, it’s a good feeling to know that our committee’s goals have been met. Rais himself is a great human being. It was a pleasure to get to know him, hear his story, and have him meet our students at Providence College. He was extremely kind and receptive to all our questions. We really appreciated how he took the time and effort to mold his speech to perfectly match the interests/needs of our organization.

                           ~ Providence College

 “What a gift it was to have Rais Bhuiyan on campus! His remarkable story both inspires and challenges us all to live more generously by extending friendship and forgiveness to others.”

~ University of Dubuque


“Everything went great with Rais’ visit. Our venue was packed and the video stream was viewed in 41 rooms across campus! Additionally, our survey feedback was overwhelmingly positive and we felt the event was very successful. Students and faculty, especially those who were unable to attend live, really enjoyed the opportunity to talk with Rais after the speech. Some great comments we received include: 

  • Excellent! POWERFUL! Thank you! What an amazing chance to be inspired.
  • Rais was very enlightening and gave a very groundbreaking speech! Thank you for inviting the American Red Cross to be a part of this event!
  • Thank you for bringing this interesting and engaging speaker. 
  • It was a very meaningful event.”                                                                                              ~ Lansing Community College