The journey I’ve taken moved me from a place of pain on the deepest level to a place of hope for a kinder world, a world without violence, a world without victims, and a world without hate.

Motivational Speaker | Human Rights Advocate | Peace Activist | Post 9/11 Hate-Crime Survivor | Founder & President, World Without Hate

Rais Bhuiyan, an American Muslim, is an extraordinary individual with a powerful story. Ten days after 9/11, Rais was shot from point blank range by a white supremacist in Dallas, TX.  His near-death experience and subsequent religious pilgrimage sparked a profound journey for Rais, including an international campaign advocating to save his attacker from death row. Ever since, Rais has kept his death bed promise to do more for others, dedicating his life to transforming hearts and opening minds through restorative justice, building bridges, storytelling, public speaking, and facilitation. 

Over the last 8 years, Rais Bhuiyan has spoken to and worked with over 250,000 people around the globe. From corporate board rooms, to college campuses, classrooms, conference auditoriums, maximum security prisons, and refugee camps, Rais shares his extraordinary story of survival and the transformational power of mercy and forgiveness with audiences and participants of all ages, backgrounds, professions, religions, cultures, and languages. Rais inspires and motivates others around a variety of topics relating to his story and experiences of forgiveness, compassion, empathy, understanding and acceptance, as well as hate-crimes, race relations, equity and social justice, intolerance, faith and leadership…. More

Rais shared his story with author, Ananad Giridharadas. Excerpt from THE TRUE AMERICAN: Murder and Mercy in Texas –


Every so often, a customer walked into the mini-mart at South Buckner and Elam Road and offered Raisuddin some reassurance. Perhaps they noticed his olive T-shirt and bright sneakers, and interpreted them as he had hoped: as the dress of a rising man, not   a typical gas station worker. Or perhaps they heard in one of his newly crafted conversation starters some unexpected flair. In these moments, they might speak to Raisuddin or simply smile in a way that pleased him. They knew he was not of this place….more